Boat Racing

Boat Racing

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Boat Racing
  • F1 Powerboats

    27 items

    F1 Powerboats - adrenaline junkies fly their boats across the water. All the action, crashes, thrills and spills from Australia and around the World

  • Blown Alcohol Displacement

    24 items

    Action of the meanest, fastest displacement boats on water. Blown Alcohol Displacement, up to 1800Hp and almost 160mph down the chute. It takes a great team of mechanics and a special driver who is prepared to strap themselves in and control one of these beasts on water. BAD boats, 6litre and all...

  • Onboard Cameras

    5 items

    Join us for the best of Onboard Action from the powerboat races

  • AFOPDA - 1989-97

    10 items

    A look back at some of the greatest races from the AFOPDA Series, drivers like Bob Halliday, Paul Jorgenson, Peter Troy, Neil Hancock, Graham Jeffers and Craig Bailey feature in some of the best tunnel boat racing you will see.

  • Hydroplanes

    3 items

    Hydroplane racing is the fastest boat racing on water, these machines are capable of 200mph and can be powered by blown alcohol motors or turbine engines. the best action is here at SportsfilmTV